Monday, January 11, 2010

a gift for baby boy

My sister is having another baby boy this spring and I thought I'd surprise her with this cute little baby burp cloth and a soft stuffed ball.

Each piece has a red plaid ribbon sticking out because I remember when my daughter was a wee thing she use to love putting tags in her mouth. So I thought I would add tags to both the toy and burp cloth.

It was so simple to make.

I choose pieces of scraps I had from my other previous projects. So this didn't cost me a thing to make, just time.

I then cut out squares and pinned the ribbon on all sides.

I then laid the other cloth on top of the printed cloth and sewed all around but making sure to leave an opening so that I can pull out the fabric inside out. But before I pulled out the fabric, I clipped the edges on each cornor.

Once this is inside out, I start at the opening and start sewing again all around the edges. And thats all!

For the ball this is what I did. I cut out four pieces of each material (total of 8) this might be to much and you can cut to 6 pieces instead. What ever you want.

and then I sewed on the one side of the edge for each piece like this...

Then I pinned the other pieces together and sewed the rest up and again making sure to leave an OPENING!

I added a polka dotted circle to finish this off and hand stitched closed.

Here is a thought... instead of a circle, cut out a heart and sew that at each end of the ball. I think that would be cute. Too bad I already sewed on the circles. But next time!

Now it is ready for a little baby to play with.

Note: You may also add a little jingle bell inside for some little noise for the baby. I didn't have any around so this one didn't have one.

Here are a couple of great tutorials on how to make a Baby Ball.

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  1. Natalie's mom says:
    How fun! I may try to make a ball with tags for Natalie... if I do I'll let you know! These look great!


  2. great idea!!! great blog- hugs from Italy

  3. It is adorable, I love it! I'm sure it will be a hit