Monday, May 19, 2014

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

 My daughter turned 6 years old this year and she wanted a Frozen Birthday Party. So I looked around everywhere for Frozen supplies and was surprised that there really wasn't anything out there. So I had to make my own decorations and looked at what other people did for their Frozen Theme Birthday Party. And I was pleased that there were many out there! So here is what I came up with. Lots of work but so worth it in the end.

Everyone was greeted at the door with this sign I made. "Welcome To Juliana's Party! Come in and Chill With Us!"

I made Juliana's skirt which was basically long strands of tulle that I tied knots on a headband. I found a tutorial here.

My daughter and I made 3D Snowflakes. I also used my garland that I use for Christmas decorations. Too bad I did not have a fake tree or I would have put that up as well. 

We found a deal here in town that came with a jumper, tables, chairs and a pinata for a low price.

The kids played  "Pin the carrot on Olaf."
I printed a large print of Olaf at Sam's club that I found here.

We had a "Do you want to build a Snowman" table.
*free printable movie quotes found here.

The Birthday cake.

Anna's Chocolates

Frosty Cupcakes (my son's favorite!)
*free printable's found here.

Elsa's Ice Crystals and on the right to that (sorry no photo) are Snowballs.

Olaf's noses

Sven Sandwiches

Kristoff's Ice Blocks

Snow Flurry

Anna's Frozen Hearts 

Frozen Grapes

Edible Icicles 

Tropical Olaf

Fresh Snow Dip and Chips

Fresh Snow Dip and Crackers 

Melted Snow

Goody bags.

*by the way, all the table cards I made myself. I went to this site and downloaded the invitations and in Photoshop I made them into table cards.