Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three Little Pigs

I have found so many cute stuffed animals on the internet that I wanted to try to make one. But I have been so intimidated by it that I kept putting it off. Finally, after seeing so many cute stuffed animals that I just had to go for it no matter what the outcome would be. So I found some great tutorials and finally made Juliana some new toys to play with!

Here are some great tutorials for making your very own stuffed toy! Enjoy!

Make and Love It
The Purl Bee
Martha Stewart


Blankets for Twins

Last month we drove down to California to celebrate my niece and nephew's birthday, they are the cutest twins! They turned 2 years old. Oh my! My little one is not far behind and will be turning 2 in April.... The terrible 2's...

So I wanted to make something for them and I decided to make them their very own blankets. It was very simple. I just grabbed 18 fat quarters, 9 per blanket. So glad there was a great sale at JoAnn's! Sewed them together and then sewed a soft colorful felt fabric for the backing with a bold black binding to bring out the colors.