Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home: Kitchen facelift

Earlier this year we moved into our new home. We absolutely loved it! It was move in ready. No major improvements needed. Just some minor tweak's my husband and I wanted to touch up to make it feel more like home. The first thing I notice was all the walls in the entire house were white. We have two small kids and I knew these walls were a huge empty canvas's in my kids eyes. I needed to get it painted. But this actually was not our first project we tackled. It was the kitchen. We wanted to add a backsplash.

So here is the before photo.

And the after.

Eventually we are going to splash some paint onto those boring walls.
My next project.....the Pantry.

Oh dear.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Handmade Barbie Clothes

My 5 year old wanted some clothes for her Barbie dolls and after looking around the internet and stores for clothes I just could not find any that were cheap enough to consider buying.
 So I browsed around the internet and found some great tutorials on how to make Barbie clothes!
The tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional was my favorite that I used.
Love that this project cost me zero dollars!! I just used scraps from my left over fabric pieces!

This black piece with red piping was my first attempt. So easy!! I just added Velcro to the back and voila! Seriously, so easy!
Since my daughter is going to school for the first time this year, she is all about school stuff and she told me she needed an outfit for the teacher. So I made this.

A little girl needs a gown in her wardrobe, so a wedding dress was added.

Here is the first collection.

More to come soon once I understand how to make pants and shirts with sleeves. Fall is coming you know. These Barbie's need to dress warmly and with style!