Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ironing board cover makeover

My Ironing board cover needed a serious makeover. Everytime I went to iron my fabric or clothes, it would just be really ugly to look at (I meant the cover not my pretty fabric or clothes... well maybe my clothes too, anywhoo..) and the sides of the fabric would always start creeping up to the top of the board. So I browsed the internet for a how to make an Iron board cover and I found a couple of great tutorials.

Lists of tutorials...

vain & vapid
purl bee

Then I grabbed my daughter, hopped in the car and off to the fabric shop we go.

and voila!

It was so easy! I picked out a pretty pale green butterfly print and followed the simple instructions. Thank you bloggers!!!

Now I can't wait to use my ironing board! .... well at least for now.


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