Monday, January 11, 2010

a gift for baby boy

My sister is having another baby boy this spring and I thought I'd surprise her with this cute little baby burp cloth and a soft stuffed ball.

Each piece has a red plaid ribbon sticking out because I remember when my daughter was a wee thing she use to love putting tags in her mouth. So I thought I would add tags to both the toy and burp cloth.

It was so simple to make.

I choose pieces of scraps I had from my other previous projects. So this didn't cost me a thing to make, just time.

I then cut out squares and pinned the ribbon on all sides.

I then laid the other cloth on top of the printed cloth and sewed all around but making sure to leave an opening so that I can pull out the fabric inside out. But before I pulled out the fabric, I clipped the edges on each cornor.

Once this is inside out, I start at the opening and start sewing again all around the edges. And thats all!

For the ball this is what I did. I cut out four pieces of each material (total of 8) this might be to much and you can cut to 6 pieces instead. What ever you want.

and then I sewed on the one side of the edge for each piece like this...

Then I pinned the other pieces together and sewed the rest up and again making sure to leave an OPENING!

I added a polka dotted circle to finish this off and hand stitched closed.

Here is a thought... instead of a circle, cut out a heart and sew that at each end of the ball. I think that would be cute. Too bad I already sewed on the circles. But next time!

Now it is ready for a little baby to play with.

Note: You may also add a little jingle bell inside for some little noise for the baby. I didn't have any around so this one didn't have one.

Here are a couple of great tutorials on how to make a Baby Ball.

Craft ideas
Grand Revival Design


Friday, January 8, 2010

Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze

I had some very ripe banana's sitting on my kitchen counter yesterday and instead of throwing them away I decided to make some banana bread. So I searched the internet for a simple recipe and I came across this recipe from Cooking Light called Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze. With a name like this I just couldn't resist trying it.

Note: Instead of rum I used apple juice to make it non alcoholic. I also added extra coconut and sprinkled it on top soon after it came out of the oven and then added the glaze over that.


We devoured it last night and my husband is requesting me to make another loaf for tomorrow. Um, oh yeah! Luckily it was super duper easy to make! Hope you enjoy this one!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ironing board cover makeover

My Ironing board cover needed a serious makeover. Everytime I went to iron my fabric or clothes, it would just be really ugly to look at (I meant the cover not my pretty fabric or clothes... well maybe my clothes too, anywhoo..) and the sides of the fabric would always start creeping up to the top of the board. So I browsed the internet for a how to make an Iron board cover and I found a couple of great tutorials.

Lists of tutorials...

vain & vapid
purl bee

Then I grabbed my daughter, hopped in the car and off to the fabric shop we go.

and voila!

It was so easy! I picked out a pretty pale green butterfly print and followed the simple instructions. Thank you bloggers!!!

Now I can't wait to use my ironing board! .... well at least for now.