Monday, August 22, 2011

Sewing: Juliana's two very talented Grandma's!

A few months ago my sister spotted one of Juliana's shirt and said she loved it so much and insisted that I have my mother make one like it for Juliana, since she is such a great knitter.

Here is the original shirt.

Here is Grandma Christiansen's version.

The details.

My sister even bought some labels for my mother since she has been making all sorts of stuff for her grand kids. This piece will be staying in the family for sure.

I think she loves it Grandma!

Juliana is very lucky to have another VERY talented grandma! She loves to make quilts and is sooooo very good at it. This Quilt she made was a Valentine Day quilt.

Here is a full length shot.

Sorry, the only pic that came out was this upside down view.

Juliana enjoying the beautiful valentine's print and colors.

I think she likes this one!

Sorry Juliana but this Quilt was made for ..... MEEEEE!


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