Friday, June 10, 2011

Sewing: Nautical White Dress with frills

Hello summer! I love summer. Technically the California summers. Its where I grew up at. Summers here in Vegas is a little different. Its where I live now. Vegas summers is more like having to stay indoors to survive the deathly heat and hoping the 3 long months would go by quickly. But in California, the place to stay cool was near water. Whether it be the pool, lake, river or at the beach that's where I was at and wishing the summers never end.

A couple weeks ago I decided to make a Nautical theme dress to get in the spirit of summer. White and Navy blue are the colors that came to my mind when designing this dress.

I bought a bundle of white frills, when I last went to the garment district in LA and decided to use it for the skirt. I like it. And I think my daughter likes it too.

I added a polka dotted fabric in the back of the skirt to fashionably hold the elastic in place.

Unlike my daughter, I'd rather be near the water and she rather be near the horses. Hence the cowboy boots. She insisted on wearing this. She's my little cowgirl and not my little beach bum.

Wherever we might be this summer, let's stay fashionably cool!


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