Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabric, fabric, and more fabric

I. love. fabric.

Michael Miller
Anna Marie Horner
Mary Engelbreit
Amy Bulter
Heather Bailey
Sarah Jane Studios

These are just some of my favorite designers.

Nancy's in Las Vegas is having a HUGE sale. $2.00 a yard, on everything! EVERYTHING! So Juliana and I made our way their this morning and bought a few pieces. This is what I bought.

Side note: There was hardly anything on the shelves when I walked in so my selection was pretty limited.

I am so happy with what I bought! SO many cute baby stuff I can make! But I really need to STOP buying fabric and start sewing!!!!

But if there is another to die for sale... I am there! :)



  1. You did a good job; got in; got out and have lovely fabric to show for it. Good work Lana!

  2. Thanks! So did you! It was a great surprise to see you there too!