Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hooded Shirt

This is my attempt at trying to sew a hooded shirt, with no pattern!

This is the view from the back.

This is the front view.

Yeah, I think the hood is way to big. Opps! Kind of reminds me of that little green character from Star Wars. Yeah, my husband (HUGE star wars fan) would be a bit disappointed that I don't remember his name. Oh well.



  1. Yoda, and at least J looks adorable in those pics. Look at all those teeth...I can't wait to see her!

  2. Love the hooded shirt idea and it is adorable on your delightful model. A little oversized, but adorable.

  3. Your model is *far* more attractive than Yoda! And so the hood is a little big ... it's kinda cute that way!! :)