Monday, October 5, 2009

Plaid skirt and white top

A couple of weekends ago I pulled out my M5696 pattern and some left over fabric and made a skirt for my daughter. I also made a simple white peasant shirt to go with it. I have a huge stash of white lace trim I wanted to use so I added it on the skirt and collar of the shirt.

Here is a look from the back

And here is a simple belt to match.

Okay..... So after a while of looking at this skirt, that white trim in the bottom of the skirt was bothering me. It seemed distracting and I decided to take it out completely and add a black and white polka dot trim instead.

I think it looks so much better. Also as you can see from the back, instead of adding a zipper to it as the pattern says to do I instead sewed on elastic so that way she can where the skirt as she grows.

I made a gray version of it here.

My apologies for the blurry photos. I have a digital camera that is slowing dieing and a daughter that never stops. Add these together and these are the photos you get.



  1. Very cute little model. After comparisons, I like the dark polka dota better than the white lace. You have a good eye to notice it was a bit distracting. Great work.

  2. Very cute...does J wear anything twice? SHe has so many cute clothes!