Saturday, July 11, 2009

Itty Bitty Dress

Yesterday I saw this tutorial from Made By Rae and was intrigued to read that this was a super duper easy dress to make so I gave it a go and Voila here it is. Just took me the afternoon to make!

There were a few things I learned while making this dress. One is that it is very important to snip along any curvy areas before you flip the fabric around.

See the difference? Smooth on one side and ugly and stuffy on the other.

I also attempted to make my own piping! Was pretty easy. Just cut about 1 inch strip of pretty fabric and wrap it tight around the piping cord and use a zipper foot and sew closely to the cord. Thats it.

Now its your turn. Try it and have fun sewing! Tutorial is on the right under Made By Rae.



  1. I love your new site, Lana! You did a great job setting it up. This dress is adorable & the navy one with white! Nice work.

  2. Hi Lana...I love your new site!Can't wait for more projects! Can I come over and have a project date? That would be fun!

  3. Analia- That would be so fun! I so wish we lived near each other. Think of all the amazing things we would create!