Thursday, June 25, 2009

American Girl dress

As soon as I saw this fabric it reminded me of sailing. With the heavy dark blue color and the little white polka dots, I fell in love. I knew I wanted to make a dress with a Nantucket theme to it.

I used McCall's pattern M5791 and just like my Vogue inspired dress, I played around with the bodice front and back. I also added a white trim to make it really pop. This was my first time doing this. I actually did a couple of firsts on this dress. Another first that I did was use a blind stitch. I wanted to not show the white thread on the hem so I tried this way. Loved it! The fabric itself was a bit strong and heavy so I thought pleats would be great to make. So I added pleats all around the dress. I think it came out cute! What do you think?

So why is my daughter not modeling this dress you may ask? I still have to figure out how to install the darn zipper! I don't know why but it is so intimidating to me! It is my last step in finishing this dress but for some reason I think I am going to mess it up and there goes the dress. I want her to wear it at church around Fourth of July weekend. I am just going to have to just do it! Wish me luck!


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