Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Veggie Muffins by MADE

I found this awesome recipe from MADE the other day. It was veggie muffins. It was filled with different kinds of vegetables and I saw how happy her kids looked eating them and I thought to myself I just had to try it for my very picky eater. So I made her a batch that very day and I told her I was making "cupcakes" and she was super excited. Here she is with her piece.

Well, instead of devouring the cupcakes like I hoped she would she just picked at it and was taking out the carrots. Oh brother. Well, I am off to the Internet to search for more ideas on how to get my 2 year old to eat her veggies. Any ideas???

I decided to add a little bit of powder sugar on mine. Mmmmmm. (its was good with or without it). Seriously, these are so delish!!



  1. My kids never liked veggies until I forced them to eat them a few times (and there were fights over eating them) and then they tolerate them, and some they even like. They still only like carrots dipped in ranch.

  2. hey, I just did the recipe as well but I did puree the carrots with the broccoli, so the cupcakes don't show any veggies, I also used molasses instead of sugar and no salt, strawberry yogurt and my girls loved them!! I am saving some for breakfast tomorrow. I also make banana or any other fruit smoothie and add one stalk of celery and one leaf of kale, the girls love it too! I have more ideas for feeding veggies to kids if you want to contact me!