Friday, January 14, 2011

Brownies in a Jar

I am in charge of Activity Days at my church and we meet twice a month at my place to do some fun activities. At least I try to make it as fun as possible so the girls would always enjoy coming. Well a few months ago, one of the girls had a birthday so I decided to give her Brownies in Jar. I then decided that these were too cute and yummy that it would make all the girls jealous. So I decided to make all the girls one to celebrate everyone's birthday for the year. YUM! How fun is that!

The normal recipe says to follow all instructions, then fill the jar 1/2 way full with the mix, bake as directed. This took me an HOUR for the brownies to bake. But it tasted so good!

I also found these adorable labels from a website called Lolly Chops. These labels are too adorable and you can download them for free! I just added pretty little ribbon for the finishing touch.


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